Our Partnership

Trust worthy sales partner in India

We wish to partner the best in the world

Kay Dee specializes in sales in India. We look to partner the best of brands in the world helping them to sell the best volume with the best of profit margins.
Kay Dee is looking to partners with brands or manufacturers who have a product(s) to sell in India. We can assist your business planning, your entry into India, sales channel development and actual sales. We can be the best partner for you in India because of the following:

Low Infrastructure Cost– Use our already self-owned warehouses, storage & delivery assets, courier partnerships to ensure the maximum reach of your products.
Reasonable & ethical manpower– With an experience of more than 10 years, we can provide you the best sales, logistics & accounting teams for your business.
Sales driven market oriented– We are aggressive in market, we love taking steep targets and we enjoy delivering more than the committed numbers.
Ethics-Ethical, fair business is what we strive for.

Awesome Sales in India

It will be a cake walk with Kay Dee as your partner.

Award Winning Partner

Kay Dee is an award winning partner for sales, hygiene parameters & business growth.

Solid India Presence

Ensuring a solid presence in India will be our priority.

Steady Growth

Business which doesn’t grow is not a business.

01. Products for young India

If you have a product range which is would attract young Indians, we will be happy to get associated with you in your India sales plans.

02. Products for kids in India

Kids products are one of the fastest growing categories in India. If you have products which are related to Kids toys, stationary or scientific games, we really would be keen to sell them in India.

03.  Tech products for India

Indians are one of the fastest to accept new tech products. If you have a product which is technologically advance and has value for consumers, we would be glad to partner with you.

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