Investment in Assets while entering India

If you are planning to enter India, think well before investing in fixed assets. India is a complicated, difficult and different market. Collaborating with a capable Indian partner might save you lot of cost and could bring in the required expertise.

Loading yourself with long term assets could hamper you in the following ways:

  1. Enhance your capital expenditure.
  2. Reduce your flexibility to invest on other avenues.
  3. Increase your maintenance costs.
  4. Limit your ability to change.

To enter India successfully, you need a local know how, acumen and knowledge.

With a large community of business companies present in India, it makes lot of sense to tie up with local companies. There are companies having large infrastructure, warehouses, factory setups & logistics. Finding a capable business partner in India, could help you avoid such investments in assets and other infrastructure.

If you are a manufacturer or a brand wishing to sell its products in India, and look for a capable partner, we could be your choice.

We at Kay Dee have an excellent infrastructure to warehouse, wholesale, distribute, sell online & handle all logistics in India. Further, we have an amazing set of experienced sales & marketing manpower to help you get the best results.

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